Hanging Moisture Absorbers

Hanging Moisture Absorbers

Hanging Moisture Absorbers

Hanging Moisture Absorbers

Our Hanging Moisture Absorbers eliminate excess moisture, musty odours and  helps prevent mould and mildew.
The hanging design makes it easy to use.

  • The Hanging Bag protects valuable clothing from mould, mildew and musty odours
  • Effective for up to 60 days depending on temperature and humidity
  • Non-toxic and septic safe
  • When the crystals are gone, simply discard in the bin whilst holding upright then replace
  • Items FG80FF Fragrance Free is only available as a single pack

This product is perfect for





Laundry Rooms

Our Hanging Bag Range

Available in a single pack or 3 pack in various fragrances.

Lavender Vanilla

Fresh Scent

Fragrance Free

Instructions of usage

Step 1:

Remove from pack and discard clear plastic wrapper.
Unfold and hang with enough space to allow air circulation.
Do not hang near or above leather items.

Step 2:

Excess moisture will most likely be dripping into the bottom of the product. Approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of the white crystals will have dissolved.

Step 3:

When all white crystals have dissolved, discard in the rubbish while holding bag upright and then replace.

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