Damprid Refills

DampRid Refills

DampRid Refills

DampRid Refills

For use in our Refillable Moisture Absorber Container

  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Super Refill 3.4 kg Item FG37
  • Resealable Refill 1.19 kg Item FG30
  • Fragrance Free
  • NEW – Refill – Drop-in-Tab item no FG97 for use in the new Drop-in-Tab Moisture Absorber Unit item no FG96

This product is perfect for

Laundry Rooms

Our Refills Range

Instructions of usage

Step 1:

When all white crystals have dissolved in the refillable moisture absorber container, emplty liquid into toilet and flush. Wash container and wipe dry.

Step 2:

Shake bag or container before pouring while holding closed.

Step 3:

Pour crystals into refillable container filling  2.5 cm from top. Reseal bag or screw lid back on for storage.

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