Important tips for use

Around the house

  • Protect valuable clothing and fabrics with DampRid in wardrobes, linen press and storage areas.
  • Use Hi-Capacity products for large areas.
  • DampRid products will need to be replaced more often in high-humidity or high-temperature conditions.
  • When refillable DampRid products are full of water, just pour the liquid out and refill with more of our all-natural crystals, for disposable products, simply discard it when the crystals are gone.
  • Keep all DampRid products out of the reach of children and pets
  • DampRid does not absorb standing water, only moisture from the air
  • If you encounter standing water around your home, wear rubber boots, safety gloves and eye protection while addressing the issue

In holiday homes and rentals

  • Use DampRid products to help eliminate excess moisture and protect your valuable investments.
  • Several varieties to choose from – Refillable Container, Disposable Container, Hanging Bags, High Capacity Units

On the boat

  • Whether your boat is in storage or on the water, DampRid can help protect your valuable investment against mould and mildew.

For caravans and cars

  • Whether your caravan is in storage or on the road, DampRid eliminates excess moisture and strong odours
  • Place in an area it will not tip over when the caravan or car is in motion, as a small amount of leakage is possible. The Disposable units are recommended in moving vehicles. Place a Disposable Moisture Absorber under one of the seats, or for odour control only, use Odor Genie.
  • When your car is not in use, close all the windows and sunroof for more effective moisture or odour control.
  • Use Odor Genie under a seat to keep cars in storage smelling fresh.
  • DampRid products can reduce the moisture in car interiors accidentally exposed to the rain.

Before and after a storm

  • Remove moisture from small possessions, including mobile phones and other electronic devices, by placing DampRid in an air-tight container with the item until it dries out.
  • Extract water from indoor spaces with a wet/dry vacuum or sump pump, if necessary.
  • Dry items as soon as possible—do not leave wet boxes or piles, spread items out immediately to dry
  • Remove items that have been wet for 48 hours or more and can’t be properly cleaned or dried at home including carpet and padding, rugs, drywall, insulation, ceiling tiles, upholstery, bedding, wallpaper, clothing, books and more.
  • Consult local authorities on how, when and where to responsibly dispose of storm debris.
  • Open doors and vents to allow proper circulation and air flow, use fans and space heaters to speed up drying.
  • Position fans to blow outdoors to help prevent the spread of mould.
  • Thoroughly clean all hard surfaces with hot water and soap, then disinfect with a solution of one cup of household bleach and five litres of water.

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